Class Rapier
Attack Power Unknown
Hit Style Slashing



Attack Type Slash


Additional Info Increases MP regeneration by 20%

Increases Focus by 40%

Increases Elemental Magick damage damage by 20%

The Myrtenaster is Weiss Schnee's weapon. It is a rapier that utilizes magick via Dust powder and crystals. It is considered a Pseudo Weapon due its capability to create explosives like a cannon. It is exclusive only to Weiss Schnee herself.

Description Edit

A Myrtenaster is a steel rapier that actually doubles like a gunblade. It is not however, equipped with shelled ammunition, but instead armed with Dust powder or crystals. Despite being a rapier, it is shaped more like a very short lance. Originally, the Myrtenaster didn't possess an ornate, round guard.

Specialty and Features Edit

The Myrtenaster is not much of a sword-to-sword weapon, it is usually used in a skirmishing fashion.

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