School Fare Neutralist
Kana ムエザ
Rōmaji Mueza
Age 10 (Human years)

56 (Fellyne's years)

Weapon Fey Bow (Shortbows)
Attribute Earth


Last Resort Close Lock
Original Appearance Undefined
Class Hunter


English voice actor(s) Unspecified

Muezza is a special Fellyne monster that is also one of the neutralists in School Fare series. Muezza is a male, both a hunter and a traveling merchant. The party may encounter it randomly across any parts of the Worl. Muezza is one of the few Fellyne that is capable of perfect human speech, its accent is of Maduin, but is quite hard to understand.


Muezza was actually born in Monlaya region, but migrated to Maduin region by its master just a few weeks after its birth. Muezza is a bashful kitten, and his master was a very loving one.

Prior to his master passing away, he was given to a anonymous woman that say she loves cats. The woman was actually a butcher, that sells Fellyne meat to Ante-Canideas rearers(or breeders). As soon as Muezza found out that he was going to be given away to the wretched woman, it ran away, leaving his master. Just as Muezza heard the news that his master is dying, it came back to him just to comfort his parting.

A few cat years later, Muezza became a merchant, only to be able to speak a few human's languages and phrase(English, African and Arabic). Although he is rather a successful merchant due to him able to attract many customers with his wares and general cuteness, some other merchants seems to dislike his 'appearances'. Muezza was then accused of being a con merchant, but many people didn't believe the slander, as Muezza was incapable of lying or to use 'word play'. Later, Muezza was then accompanied by a nice 40s couple named Malik and Zaira, both Maduiz and Monlayan respectively.

When the old couple finally had to reside in a resting home at Maduin, Muezza left both of them there, to be cared. Muezza thinks that he can now travel the world running, or prancing around like the carefree cat he is. Although he would miss Malik and Zaira, he thinks that going back to them occassionally would just trouble his feet, so he write letters to them instead every fortnight.

Now, Muezza became both a hunter and explorer, hunting and collecting valuable stuffs to be his merchandise.



Muezza have balanced stat growth. He is notably exemplary in his Dexterity and Resilience, having one of the best stat growth yet. Muezza's EX growth is particularly high, and can also be used fairly long, but his abilities barely able to hit.

Attributes and FormationEdit


Muezza has two Battle Roles, Ranger and Medic. His AI Role by default is Ranger, which means he relentlessly attack enemies from afar.


Name Type Command Description
Swift Slash Ground-Rapid Analog Up+Attack Muezza statically charges for his next attack, then charges at his target then scratches them multiple times with blinding speed. Holding down the button allows for longer chain of combos.
Looping Pounce Ground-Ballistic Analog Down+Attack Performs a backward sommersault that allows Muezza to shoot an arrow forward. When he lands, he pounce forward to punch his target with his paw. After the punch, Muezza descends quickly and is ready for the next Looping Pounce.
Flying Fox Aerial-Mobility Analog Up+Attack Muezza shoots an arrow that is tide with a rope with great strength. He then holds onto to the rope while also honing his claws as it pulls him forward. When the arrow hits an enemy along with Muezza, Muezza then stab the enemy with his honed claw.
Evanescent Wave Aerial-Tactical Selective Performs a pirrouette in mid-air while also conjuring aura waves that homes erratically to the nearest enemy. The aura waves each have different angle of trajectory as well and range. Hold down the button to spins faster and unleashes more aura waves.
Soaky Rain Ground-Tactical Analog Down+Selective Conjures a spiraling cloud of mist above Marryl. It later condenses into a thick, giant ball of water to fall down onto an enemy. Hold down button to let it home above the targeted foe. Potentially inflicting Soaked and Slow. Cannot be Blocked. Deals Water damage.
Fire Viper Ground-Rapid Analog Up+Selective Conjures a fire viper that slithers forward to pounce at an enemy while lashing them about. Always Staggers, sometimes Burns them. If the viper doesn't caught an enemy the first time, it will only explodes upon disappearing. Deals Fire damage.
Rock and Roll Aerial-Bombastic Selective Conjures a large boulder to appear from the ground below. Marryl will then catch it using her feet, then kicks it back at the enemy while also pushing her away whilst rolling. Hold down button to effectively track the enemy. Potentially inflicting Stumped. Deals Earth damage.
Flashy Turbulence Aerial-Ballistic Analog Up+Selective Send forth multiple sparkling whirling winds that at first moves slowly, only to charge at the enemy with incredible speed later. Homes at foes. Press button at the right time to send forth more whirling winds. Potentially inflicting Flashed. Deals Wind damage.
Karma Lotus Ground-Defensive Selective Summons a giant lotus flower under Marryl's feet to restore HP to surrounding allies. The lotus flower blooms petals that protects Marryl from harm. The healing speed and defensive petals forming is affected by how many buffs and debuffs Marryl currently have. Allow Marryl to move when on water.
Roaring Light Aerial-Bombastic Analog Down+Selective Allows Marryl to glide in mid-air. By pressing the button at the right time, Marryl can cause thunderous roar of blinding light to all surrounding enemies. The longer the chain, the longer it takes for Marryl to chain for another roar. Always inflicts Flashed, sometimes Stagger and Flinched. Deals Lightning damage.
Wall Whip Ground-Defensive Analog Downt+Selective Performs a low kick that leaves a stretch of aura energy on the ground. The aura energy then forms into a meniscus wall that protects against projectiles and magicks.


  • Muezza was based on the ancient Arabic cultural depiction of the Prophet Muhammad's favorite cat. The name was meant to be retained because Zahasuki was unable to see other names that would fit

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