Montana Antonia or by the full name of Montana Irene Antonia is one of the Ancillary Protagonists. So far, she will only appear on School Fare. She is one of the older students of the 27th Batch. Antonia's unique special weapon of choice is the Aired-Propelled Cannonspear. She first appeared in School Fare World on the 10th page of Chapter 1 The Penchant.


Montana Antonia was born on 6th of December and is the child of two Heispanc parents. Unlike most of the students of Azure Academy, she still has both of her biological father and mother, which are also normal people without Gifts. Instead, she inherit her powers from her grandfather whom was part of the Espheinol Army. Her birthplace was at Madry, Espheins.

Appearance Edit

Montana is a young adult with fair skin and a diamond-shaped face. Her eyes are red and the eyeshine 'eclipse' her pupil almost entirely. She has a 'perky' sharp nose and her eyebrows are s-shaped. Montana has no earlobe on her right ear. Her hair is sandy-blond and has purple highlights at the ends and near the scalp- its length reaches her hips.

Personality Edit

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