Occasionally, Azure City Secondary will be commencing Mock Tests for the students. Generally, the Mock Tests are not very difficult, as is in average standards. Mock Test can commence any time during school period except when it is a week after or before a semester break. There are several types of Mock Tests, and its method of evaluation is rather different.

In Azure High, there are a total of 5 types of Mock Tests. Despite their name, some of them does not count the scores into the student's record.

Mock ExamsEdit

Mock exams are sudden examinations that is commenced the least in Azure High. Unlike most real-life Mock Exams, the Mock Exams in School Fare have its own timetable. The timetable informs the students the Mock Exam's time, venue and what subject it is. The timetable is always posted on the notice board three days before the Mock Exam.

Burst QuizesEdit

Unlike Pop Quizes, Burst Quizes are occasional quizes commenced by teachers in a rather strange way. Teachers must inform the students the Burst Quizes' time and venue. The questions are often easy, but the time to answer them all is often highly limited.

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