Metamemory Globe is a spherical three-layered character development system which consists the outer layer Metamemory Axis, the inner layer Metamemory Belt and the core, Metamemory Midst. Metamemory Globe acts as the default systemized and coordinated character development system that contradicts with the character's own individual statistics.


Metamemory Globe is hence its name, is a spherical 'world' which shape the character's whole statistics and capabilities as well as their innate abilities. Metamemory Globe has a total of three layers, two shells, and one core.

Metamemory AxisEdit

The outermost layer of the Globe. Metamemory Axis serves as the system that develops the character's specific statistics and to obtain innate abilities. Its difficulty to develop is intermediate, as one character only able to activate 5 nodes minimum at a time to develop intersected and adjacent nodes.

Metamemory BeltEdit

The Belt is in between of Metamemory Axis and the Midst. It acts as the 'fertilizer' which unlocking the grid nodes to unlock the Metamemory Midst. Metamemory Belt has nodes that would upgrade actions and abilities.

Metamemory MidstEdit

The Midst is the system which improves all actions based on the character's specific strength to the maximum potential with the minimum use of LP. To use it however, the player must unlock at least 3 of the total 6 whole segments which locks the Midst like a shell.


The entire development system is able to be set as "Auto-Mode". Auto-Mode allows the developments and nodes activations to be set according to the character's stats. Based on which stat(s) they have dominance to, the Auto-Mode will set their priority to activates those nodes which benefits the stat.

This mode makes developing the character less tedious. But, since it's automatic, the developing sequences may leave the character comparatively feeble on certain stats.

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