The Metamemory Axis is one of the three panels in relation with the Metamemory Globe. The Metamemory Axis, unlike the others, is a panel which holds the system for each of its proprietor to develop their stats and innate abilities.

Unlocking and Acquisition of NodesEdit

To operate and obtain the nodes, the player need to create an intersection with the nodes on the X, Y and Z axes.

To unlock nodes, the player must unlock the Primary Nodes first for the adjacent nodes to be operational. Simply unlocking the Primary Node wouldn't exactly be helpful, as the adjacent nodes unlocked will starts on Level 0.

Certain(most) nodes, are however, very fickle. To unlock the adjacent nodes to it, it usually require the player to level up the said node sufficiently so that the adjacent ones can be unlocked.

Although just just exploiting only X and Y axis are easier, making use of Z axis helps in immediate transition to the next  adjacent primary node.

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