In all RPG's and even some real-time/strategy/hack-and-slash/fighting genres of games(sometimes even series), MP are classified as the character's capability and the calculable value of their magical abilities. MP is the most common abbreviation of most stats, it either means 'Magick Point' or 'Mind Point'.

In the series, all characters and even monsters will start off with their max MP with the value of 2-digit(hence; hundred).

Max MPEdit

The Max MP refer to the maximum value or quota that the character's magickal abilities may be used. Which means, the higher one's Max HP is, the more and efficient variety of MP consuming abilities may be used.

Every resurrection or revival of characters after the Mistify effect have the minimum HP comeback value of 50% of the unit's Max MP(instead). The higher the character's level, the higher the minimum value becomes. Note that after the unit have been revived, they cannot be damaged by physical attacks for several seconds.

MP ConvalescenceEdit

MP, in conjunction with SP, both may regenerates at any time. MP convalescence are better if the character's have higher Resistance and Resilience. 


Commonly, MP growth ranges normally like most other basic stats. Each growth varies by factors. They ranges via grades and class:

S = x1.67

A = x1.58

B = x1.50

C = x1.43

D = x1.37

E = x1.31

F = x1.25

G = x1.20 Fortunately, if a character equips a max MP increasing gear and level up two levels, the MP growth will follow with the current MP. Likewise, simply removing the gear will reset the MP growth follow-up.


  • The MP concept which any character would start off with their Max MP with 2-digit values is based from the concept from Final Fantasy XII.

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