Longswords are one of the few Melee Weapon that has the more variety. Longswords are one of the most practical of weapons, and can be equipped together with Bucklers.



  • One-Handed, Double-Edged Melee weapon that their average length are longer than Shortswords, but only slightly shorter than Greatswords/Broadswords. Have wider width than Shortswords, while having equivalent width with most Greatswords.
  • generally have average Attack Power, fair Reach, medium-fast Latency and cost fair Stamina to swing.
  • average-fast Parry and average Block Area.
  • low-average Impact, low Recoil and average Recoil Recovery.
  • deals only Slash damage, despite also having stabbing animations.
  • attack power is determined by the user's Unarmed Attack and Dexterity against the target's Defense and Evade.
Dmg = (Atk * Foc - Def) * (1 + UAtk * [Lv+Dex]/219) * (Def * CEva)

Combos Edit

Strikes Edit

Longsword deals up to 5 combo hits. They are quite easy to use, and have moderate SP cost when executing Combo Chain and Combo Shift. Longswords have a total of 2 ground and 2 aerial Finishers.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Racket 7 50

Star projectiles

Crooked Racket 8 65

'Dust' projectiles

Novae-elemental damage

Slapper 10 5% Confuse on hit 65

Star projectiles

Celestial-elemental damage

Big Handle 11 75

Flare projectiles

Fire-elemental damage

Scrapper 13 80

Star-Orb projectiles

Increase Spatial, Dimensional and Temporal-elemental damage dealt by 20% on equip

Giant Spoon 15 Lower the target's Resilience 90

Star projectiles

Holy-elemental damage

Decurver 18 Lower the target's Dexterity 95

Feathery-tornado projectiles

Wind-elemental damage

Deals 20% additional damage against Flying units 

Titan's Paddle 22 20% Stagger on hit 100 

'Dust' projectiles

Deals full damage against Melee units

Hyper Smasher 25

55% Flinch on hit

(80% on Blood and Aether-type enemies)


Orb-ghastly projectiles

Aether-elemental damage

Guarantees Drop when used to kill a Blood-type enemy

Pitch-Catch 26
Solace 30
Clapper 32


Charge-Wands are generally the strongest Wand-type there is. They does not release any energy when swung. The must be charged so that the energy can be emitted. Upon stopping on the charge-up, the energy will be shoot. The velocity and power of the energy is greater based on how long the charge-up is. Charge-Wands homing capability is based on how great the projectile's velocity is. The greater the velocity, the weaker would its homing capability would be.



  • Longswords and Shortswords both have similar Stance and Attack animations. Although, their Combos are different.

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