This page is, in fact, specialized in informing all users about all color codes that exists in School Fare series. Use them well and accordingly right.

Color CodesEdit

Bladed WeaponsEdit

Type Code Color Note
Shortswords Light Brown
Longswords Medium Grey
Broad/Greatswords Medium Orange
Axes Dark Gold
Claws Brick
Knives Silverish Cyan
Katars Light Silver
Blades/Dual Blades Greyish Slate Blue
Rapiers Rose
Katanas Golden Brown
Ninjatos Dark Indigo
Scythes Dark Crimson

Bludgeoning WeaponsEdit

Type Code Color Note
Maces Dirty Gold
Hammers Light Brown
Nunchucks/Knuckles Orange
Batons/Gloves Cadet Blue
Staves/Rods Cream

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Type Code Color Note
Shortbows Forest Green
Long/Greatbows Olive Green
Javelins Wheat
Crossbows Light Brick
Repeating Crossbows/Crossguns Luminous Black
Air Cannons Ceramic Grey
Hand Cannons/Hand Bombs Porcelaine Grey
Handguns/Shotguns Brownish Grey
Rackets/Wands Medium Violet Red
Wind Batons



Extendable WeaponsEdit

Type Code Color Note
Spears Forest Green
Halberds/Partisans Olive Green
Tridents/Lances Light Brick
Cha'kram Blue pearl
Kamas Rust
Whips Violet
Whipswords Amber

Pseudo WeaponsEdit

Type Code Color Note
Cards Tan
Daggers Silky Cream
Boomerangs Clear blue
Fans Vermillion
Armshields Steel Blue
Bowblades Gainsboro
Grimoires/Tomes Lavender
Scriptures Sea Shell
Reflectors Golden Red
Glaives Navy
Rosaries Coral
Capotes Scarlet
Orbs/Souls Medium Orchid


Type Code Color Note
Headgears White
Light Armors/Mystic Armors Forest Green
Heavy Armors Olive Green
Footwear Clay
Accessories Pearl black
Shields/Bucklers Blue pearl
Gauntlets Dark grey
Mini-Barricades Violet


Type Code Color Note
Restorative Items Turquoise
Healing Items Sky Blue
Foraged Items Apple Green
Offensive Items Dark Orange
Ressurection Items Khaki
Summon Cards Dodger Blue
Costumes Dark Sea Green
Materials/Loots Powder Blue

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