Leopard Fangs
Leopard Fangs
Class Claws
Attack Power 25
Hit Style Slashing
Attack Type Slash
Additional Info Increases 10 Dexterity on equip
Leopard Fangs (ヒョウの牙, Hyō no kiba) is a type of Melee Weapon under the Claws class in the School Fare Series. It is known to be even more effective when attacking the enemy from their back.


The Leopard Claws is heavily like a large mitt, but in fact actually tighter inside. The print is indeed like a leopard. The claws by the knuckles is four in total, and it has a thin blade.

Physical FeatureEdit

The Leopard Fangs have the advantage against enemies when attacking them from behind. Attacking using hat procedure it will always lands a critical hit.

Additionally, the Leopard Claw ignores 15% of smaller size enemies Defense.

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