A Knuckle is a type of weapon in which have good use in terms of dominance. It may inflicts damage varying greatly with the target's size and density.


A Knuckle uses are very similar to the Gloves. They have comparably higher attack, and the probability for heavy damage is higher as well. Although, every uses of knuckles will deduct more usage of SP if the user consecutively use it against an enemy who is larger in comparison. Thus, Latency may also be affected greatly. The upside is, a Knuckle can deal damage almost as efficient against a normal size unit.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Brass Knuckles 18 40
Indiction 19 10% Stagger on hit 50 Increases 15% Focus when receiving critical damage or heavy damage
Fury Muster 20 55 Increases 10% Focus on equip

Cat Claws

23 65

Increases 10% Evade on equip

Adaman Coral 26 70 Water-elemental damage
Tiger Claw 28 10% Flashed on hit 80 Increases 10% Strength on equip
Limit Breaker 32 85

Randomly increases Base on equip

Aether-elemental damage

Aggression 34 90

Increases 10% Attack on equip

Increases another additional 10% Attack when HP is <50%

Fist your Eyes 35 15% Flashed on hit 90
Cripple Hook 39 10% Flinch on hit 100
Punisher 40 110  Decreases Synch, but increases Attack by 15% on equip
Vigilante 43 10% Downed on hit 120
Glastheim 43 130

Deal 25% additional damage against Aether elementals

Dark-elemental damage

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