A Katana is a type of weapon in which have good mix of speed and power. It has it's own secret lucky strikes that gives its own specialty for attacks.


A Katana can be used very fast and efficiently. They have their own hidden heavy damage that supplied by their own discreet critical chance. Although, swinging them about would cause a minor flinching in allies, thus are better use for a unit which serves as the solitary melee attacker in battles.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Osafune 18 50 Water-elemental damage
Hikuya-no-ame 19 15% Flinch on hit 50 Water-elemental damage
Silkmoon 22 55

Yugata Blade

25 55

Deal 15% additional damage during dusk until evening

Celestial-elemental damage

Kogane Eiko 27 70 Novae-elemental damage
Hikari Nami 28 10% Flashed on hit 80 Holy-elemental damage
Kogarasumaru 31 85
Aga-date 33 90
Funinjo 34 10% Delusional on hit 90 Dark-elemental damage
Kage-nanui 39 100 Dark-elemental damage
Ten-Shiji 40 30% Stagger on hit 110  Novae-elemental damage

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