Kaiser Claws
Class Claws
Attack Power 26
Hit Style Slashing
Slahing Uppercut
Attack Type Slash
Additional Info Increases 30% Vitality on equip
Increases 20% more Vitality when attacked by Claw-class weapon
 Kaiser Claws (カイザー爪, Kaizā tsume) is a type of Melee Weapon under the Claws class in the School Fare Series. It is known to be even more effective against Dark-type enemies.


The Kaiser Claws looks like a basic knucle-claw. It has three claws which twice the palm-hold size,  while the metallic features are made entirely from a golden-coloured electrum .

Physical FeatureEdit

Using the Kaiser Claws to guard will receive no recoil or damage. Deflecting using it is proven to be more effective and efficient.


  • Kaizer is the German title for Emperor.
  • Kaiser Claws are based from the original "Kaiser Knuckles" in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

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