The KO (stands for Knock Out) is the state of one unit that had recently had their HP depleted to zero. KO'd units typically lies on the ground, float on the surface of water, and some still levitates slightly above the ground.


A KO'd unit will lie on the ground, although a colloquial term, it is not similar to Death. Their HP is already depleted to zero, but they may be revived back to some portion or their health or full health using certain Ressurection Items like Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion and Freya's Coil.

Interestingly, a KO'd unit can be a practice dummy. One can practice their combo moves on them, but it doesn't necessarily thrashes the unit or kill them later.

For some extent, several bosses possesses the Soul Steal ability, which allows them to steal the souls of KO'd units. If it is to happen, that unit may not be revived by any items nor magick, nor it cannot be Soulified nor Mistified. Only the Undead status can prevent the Soul Steal ability to have no effect whatsoever. Units that had their souls stolen, the other party members must retrieve their souls back by either using the Soul Flask or let the soul Soulify or Mistify, then revive it using specific items.


When a unit has already had their HP depleted to zero(without the Reraise buff or Lively Heart buff and the like), they will lie on either the ground, float on the the surface of water, while some levitates slightly above the ground. They are rendered as objects instead of units, so targeting them is of least priority.

After a few moments(seconds) of KO'd, the unit may Soulified or Mistified. While other types of monstes may assume the Undying state instead, allowing them to ressurect automatically after some time.


  • Although directly derived from Final Fantasy's series KO status, it is not at all similar to Death status.

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