School Fare Protagonist
Joe Noel Regard
Kana ジョ
Rōmaji Jo
Sprites Undefined
Age 49+
Address Undefined
Team Undefined
Weapon Shotguns (Iskander)

Handguns (Rounder)

Hand-Bombs (Crater)

Attribute Undefined
Last Resort Fourt Wall Onslaught
Original Appearance The Last of Us (Joel)
Class Struggler

Assault Fusilier

English voice actor(s) Troy Baker

David Hayter

Joel Regard or by the full name of Joe Noel Regard is an instructor in the School Fare series. He serves as one of the major supporting characters. He is also responsible for giving the students the Reconnaissance Missions as well as the permission for Mock Battles.


Joel Regard was born on 27th of February. He was born at Linnowsin, and was the fourth child in the whole 8 siblings of his parents, Midgar Regard and Samantha Yuel. Since birth, he was thought about survival skills as well as hunting as his father tried to assimilate him into the wild nature in the forest terrain. Joel caught his first Game, a Fleet, as the age of 11.

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