"The one only thing I'm asking from you is just to be yourself."

—Helen's quote in her will

Helen Gertrude Brooden, or Helen Miguell is Annest's late mother. She was a Alter-Human, with Morphious and Prothorope ancestors. Her family was believed to be way loaded than the Miguells, but after the plague, their wealth was ultimately pass over to the Miguells. Before her death, she had breast cancer, but after she had proper treatment and finally cured from it, she later died a three years later after Annest's birth in which she had lung cancer, but soon after few months of treatment, she died of stroke. In her journal, the cause of her 'stroke' was that she has been hunted by 'Foltens', described in the journal as a cloud of black shadow and black blood with 'talon'(in the journal, it's 'scythes'). However, the doctors acknowledged and confirmed the causeof her death was her lung cancer has turned into pneumonia.

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