The Hazy Horizon is a phenomenon that occurs monthly across Worl. It occurs all around one region at a time, and it seems to have a fixed cycle of its occurrence. It is a phenomenon that causes various optical illusions and obscurence in the sky as well as on ground(if its thick enough).

Description Edit

The Hazy Horizon phenomenon is described as being a low, foggy phenomena with numbing cold temperature. The Hazy Horizon phenomena only affects the lowlands and valleys, as any higher ground the fog is not as visible or thick. It is mainly caused by the movement of the Frogger's Clouds that travels the world all-year round without committing itself to complete precipitation, due to this low molecular density, but large mass.

Scientifically, it is believe that due to temperature rising in the land during daytime, the sea breeze carries up the Frogger's Cloud from the sea to the land. Due to most continents having highlands at the more center parts of the land, the Frogger's Cloud usually comes from the shorelines, thus they typically comes inwards towards the land. The cloud has a habit of lingering around a continent's central land areas despite not being able to cover most of them due to the highlands. It seems to 'settle' at the highlands due to its higher humidity. The Frogger's Cloud's movement is heavily affected by the movement of the cold winds carrying it southward. The famous all-year round wind that carries the Frogger's Cloud is called the Ophiucus Shear, which is a serpentine-curvy wind pathway that 'slithers' around Worl like a snake.

Effects Edit

The Hazy Horizon typically impairs far vision by reducing the Sight Range by 30%. Long-range targeting via sniping is also heavily affected due to severe thickness of the fog as further as it goes.

Hazy Horizon phenomena affects the entire continent at a time, even a satellite visual would not be able to perceive whatever it is inside the fog.

Any Ranged attack performed whilst being inside a Hazy Horizon's fog cannot home at any target. Dimensional Ranged Attack can still hit a target if the unit is indeed being targeted.

Cycle Edit

The Hazy Horizon phenomena occurs all-year round and it has its own cycle as it travels around the Worl.

Based on the reading of the travel-path of the Frogger's Cloud, the Hazy Horizon occurs mainly depending on the season. It is extremely rare for the phenomenon to occur out of the cycle.

Typically, the Hazy Horizon phenomena occurs at the Nocontinent from the month of July till early September. Then, the cloud moves southward to the Soumerikan continent. During this times, the cloud would be around in the center of the Bhashile region on the late October. It typically lingers around the Soumerikan continent from early October till mid December.

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