School Fare Protagonist
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Age Unknown
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Class Unknown
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"When making your own choice, you gotta eliminate the least important."

—Hazeal's quote about Decisiveness

Hazeal Galvionez or by the full name of Hazealia Olivia Galvionez is one of the protagonists in School Fare. Her quote is about 'Decisiveness' and 'Acuity'. She represents Zahasuki's habit to always shows a blank or bored face.

Student CardEdit

Hazealia Olivia Galvionez is a C+ rank student and then exceeds to B+ rank under the Assault Sniper Exceeder Class. She possesses a quick tide-turning ability with her fast a consecutive ranged attacks as well as excellent evasiveness.





Personal AffiliationsEdit


Extracurricular ActivitiesEdit

School Fare so-on GamesEdit



  • Hazeal was officially Zahasuki's oldest and most used character. She is also one of the characters which experienced the least alterations in her design since she was first created.
  • Hazeal has her own Facebook account and like the others, she is someones that can also befriended with. Her FB account name is "Harriet Becker".

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