Hand Bombs are Ranged Weapons under the Thrown sub-category.


Hand Bombs are, as the name implies, are incendiary weapons meant to be thrown from a distance to inflict damage through the detonation and explosion they create upon impact. Hand Bombs only explodes upon contact with the ground or a unit. Each Hand Bombs thrown cause similar radius of explosion. Enemies that are closer towards the center of the explosion is prone to higher damage as well as further Knockback.

When used to deal explosion by hitting them directly upon a unit, the radius of the explosion differs with differing parts of the unit. For example, hitting a Hand Bomb on a Singoleon's head(which is its weak part), will cause a larger explosion from normal. A larger explosion may also inflicts more damage upon an enemy as they hit multiple parts of their body. Hand Bombs are, thrown in a lobbed fashion, thus elevations affects its range significantly. Hand Bombs typically have shorter Base Range than other Thrown Weapons due to their weight.

Features Edit

Hands Bombs are powerful, useful and tactical weapons, but has very limited number of use. Hands Bombs are only auxiliary weapons, meant to accompany other weapons, mainly firearms. All Hand Bombs have a wide damage radius and are thrown in a lobbed fashion. They have rather poor range, as elevation may greatly affect it.

Hand Bombs have many types, like Burst, Napalm, Nail, Smokes, Stun and even EMP.

Hand Bombs can also be use as shells for Hand-Cannons, with this Hand Bombs can reach farther areas and even higher grounds.


Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Wand 2 50

Star projectiles

Lotus Scepter 4 65

'Dust' projectiles

Novae-elemental damage

Fairy Wand 8 5% Confuse on hit 65

Star projectiles

Celestial-elemental damage

Magician's Wand 8 75

Flare projectiles

Fire-elemental damage

Balance Rod 11 80

Star-Orb projectiles

Increase Spatial, Dimensional and Temporal-elemental damage dealt by 20% on equip

Empyrean Wand 15 Lower the target's Resilience 90

Star projectiles

Holy-elemental damage

Wing Flex 16 Lower the target's Dexterity 95

Feathery-tornado projectiles

Wind-elemental damage

Deals 20% additional damage against Flying units 

Emperor's Scepter 17 20% Stagger on hit 100 

'Dust' projectiles

Deals full damage against Melee units

Spirit Warder 20

55% Flinch on hit

(80% on Blood and Aether-type enemies)


Orb-ghastly projectiles

Aether-elemental damage

Guarantees Drop when used to kill a Blood-type enemy


Charge-Wands are generally the strongest Wand-type there is. They does not release any energy when swung. The must be charged so that the energy can be emitted. Upon stopping on the charge-up, the energy will be shoot. The velocity and power of the energy is greater based on how long the charge-up is. Charge-Wands homing capability is based on how great the projectile's velocity is. The greater the velocity, the weaker would its homing capability would be.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Shocker 3 50 Plasma-bolt projectiles
Vinus Wrap 4 15% Flinch on hit 35 Amazon-elemental damage
Cable Wiyr 5 50
Ivy Whip 7 10% Irritation on hit 55 Amazon-elemental damage
Chained Whip 8 55
Stinger Coil 11 10% Poison on hit 70
Fernroll 12 Lower the target's Focus 70 Amazon-elemental damage
Silvertongue 15 80

Increases 10% chance to obtain loot

Increases Gil obtain by 50% while increasing their minimum amount by 50% average

Ahriman's Tongue 17 20% Flinch on hit 75 Increases 15 Dexterity on equip
Executioneer's Whip 19 50% Downed on hit (No effect on Undeads) 80 Dark-elemental damage
Chimera Tail 23 30% Venom on hit 90  Increases 10 Dexterity on equip
Orochi Heads 20 40% Venom on hit (No effect on Yamis) 100 Barage Damage


Loaders are capable of releasing out energy in either a machinegun-like shots or simultaneous spew of projectiles like shotguns. When aiming, the player can either push the attack button repetitively for the machinegun shooting, or charge-up the Wand for shotgun shooting. All Loader-Wands have different numbers of orbs. Each orbs takes approximately 2.5 seconds to reload its energy. Loader-Wands have the weakest homing capability amongst the three types.

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