Guests or Guest Characters are temporary or specific-mission only party members. Guest characters may only join the party once, or may be recruited again if one should repeat the mission or on other certain missions which is 'Free Way'.

Most of the Guests are 'independent', which means they don't need any adjustment to their original abilities and equipments. While some are, 'dependent', in which some of their equipments may be changed or upgraded to their permission.

Independent Guest CharactersEdit

Most independent Guests serves as an envoy or excort to the party. While some of them may join the party as members, allowing Synchronization.

Perma-independent GuestsEdit

Cassie Loreen Lax

Freesia Ailanthus

Randerson Lawrence Falloné

Bregetta Rocquel Algrassi

Edwin Millwind

Helen Brooden

Sheirlene Lorenzo

Sophia Lee

Lydea Odin

Phill Louise

Ruby Rose

Blake Belladonna

Weiss Schnee

Yang Xiao Long

Jaune Arc

Pyrrha Nikos

Nora Valkyrie

Lie Ren

Temp-independent GuestsEdit

Nerela Panchoute

Myde Mozanned

Terukiwa Hamiwa

Terukiwa Hato

Raoni Hibikuni

Zeph Galvionez

Hazeal Galvionez

Will Asgafpher

Allistair Monographe

Lindsay Montagnard

Florishe Carter

Meko Barrign

Marian Delia Phillip

Kim Craufowrd

Hanare Magoitou

Don Follonece

Fens Jyuno

Farce Courshic

Wirtz Landber

Aliza Norish

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