A Whip is a Extendable Weapon in which are versatile to use. It's variety of combination skills are very useful even against the hardiest enemies.

A Whip have a typically low Attack power, but it has variety of uses such as binding or constricting the target, performing such consecutive fluid and graceful attacks as well as always inflicts Flinch on Beast-type enemies. Even though that the Beast-type enemy is immuned to flinching, Whips can sometimes still inflicts Flinch on them.


A Whip may instantaneously inflicts Flinch to any Beast-type monsters. A Whip may also use for combo attacks that involves binding the enemy while having other allies attack the binded target. A Whip also have a random reach without moving around, it may also inflicts normal damage against Flying units, but rather seldomly. Unfortunately, a Whip cannot be use to parry nor guard any attacks. Wearing Whips disables the equipping of Sub-Weapons

Note that none of the main characters uses Whips, but some recruitable Neutralists does.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Whip 3 30
Vinus Wrap 4 15% Flinch on hit 35 Amazon-elemental damage
Cable Wiyr 5 50
Ivy Whip 7 10% Irritation on hit 55 Amazon-elemental damage
Chained Whip 8 55
Stinger Coil 11 10% Poison on hit 70
Fernroll 12 Lower the target's Focus 70 Amazon-elemental damage
Silvertongue 15 80

Increases 10% chance to obtain loot

Increases Gil obtain by 50% while increasing their minimum amount by 50% average

Ahriman's Tongue 17 20% Flinch on hit 75 Increases 15 Dexterity on equip
Executioneer's Whip 19 50% Downed on hit (No effect on Undeads) 80 Dark-elemental damage
Chimera Tail 23 30% Venom on hit 90  Increases 10 Dexterity on equip
Orochi Heads 20 40% Venom on hit (No effect on Yamis) 100 Barage Damage


  • Whips are one of the few weapons that one-handed, but wearing it disables sub-weapons.

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