"The breath of the mystic race, the Godians. Summons the caster's loyal minions."

—In game description

Godian Breath (不吉息, Fukitsu iki) or Ominous Breath in Japanese and European translation, is an atomic-based ability exclusive to the Godian genus. Although, the Schattigens does not posseses the skill however.


This technique is used by the Godians whom are higher level than the Schattigens. They would release a swirling, vortex-like smoke that is capable of materializing itself into a Godian. Most of the products are Godians whom are lower level than the caster.


Godian Breath, hence the name, may be used by all Godians except for Schattigens.


This technique is used for summoning purposes only. It also cannot be addled.

No other effects is known to be able to dispel the technique. But, if the caster is staggered or have been inflicted by any other Effect Debuff, the unfinished Godian Breath wouldn't be able to materialize a Godian, resulting an item to be formed by it. Hence, the probability of what kind of item would be make instead is:

  • Dark Matter
  • Black Ooze
  • Secret Fluid
  • Shining Onyx
  • Ember Obsidian
  • Bloody Bloodstone
  • Godian's Memoir


  • In the series, the Godian Breath is actually a technique used by the Godians to immitate the God's Breath ability. Since they aren't exactly demon nor angelic being, the product is always as if it is their own copy. Hence, what they did is a double copying.

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