Class Claws
Attack Power 50
Hit Style Slashing
Attack Type Slash & Bash
Additional Info Increase 20 Base on equip
 Godhand (神の手, Kami no te) is a type of Melee Weapon under the Claws class in the School Fare Series. It is known have a series of specific features.


The Godhand appears to be a gaunlet made from cross platinum and mythril material. From the knuckles, there are five claws shaped like slightly long magatama bead. The 'claws' doesn't looks sharp at all.

Physical FeatureEdit

The Godhand is specialized in smitting evil such as Undeads, Demons, Mythion or Humanoids foes. It always deal full damage against them regardless of status enhances or guardings.

Against other class of enemies, the Godhand is less effective, but may inflict random debuff on hit with the probability varying with their Encounter Type.

Against Humans(humans, humes, alter-humans, ect), the Godhand's damage is random instead. It ranges from lowest possible to highest possible.

Note that Godhand has a Hidden Strike effect. It is known to be Dispel and Slow. These Hidden Strike relates to:

  • Any target's status(positive or negative only)
  • Any currently in motion targets


  • The Godhand is based from the Godhand in Final Fantasy series.

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