A Glove is a type of versatile weapon in terms of saving energy. It's deduction of SP usage is very low, almost as low as when used unarmed.


A Glove can inflict damage slightly higher than when unarmed. Their usage is very fast, as seamless as when unarmed. A Glove may also be used to parry or Dodge attacks without any latency between them, making them highly favorable for agile users.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
White Gloves 18 40
Silk Gloves 19 50 Increases 5% Focus on equip
Gossamer Palm 20 55 Increases 5% Speed on equip

Cat Paws

23 65

Increases 15% Evade on equip

Base Mitt 26 70
Giant's Gloves 28 10% Stagger on hit 80 Increases 10% Strength on equip
Limit Crusher 32 85

Randomly increases Base on equip

Aether-elemental damage

Phantom Fist 34 5% Blind on hit 90

Dark-elemental damage

Grabber 39 10% Stagger on hit 100 Enable attacks against Flying units
Joiner 40 110  Decreases Focus, but increases Synch
Freezeburn 43 120 Deal 50% additional damage against Fire and Ice elementals
Hand of Midas 43 10% Petrify on hit 130

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