The Glimering Honeywax is a legendary beeswax 'brewed' by a Kravolna in the depths of its hive on various special occasions held by the Hymago. The honey wax, akin to its name glimmering bright like gold. The Glimering Honeywax is often requested by Gourmand Wani for it is the only known to be more valuable, delicious and significantly digestable by humans.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Like common beeswax, the Glimering Honeywax is composed of palmitate,palmitoleate, and oleate esters of long-chain (30–32 carbons)aliphatic alcohols, with the ratio of triacontanyl palmitate(typical wax ester) to cerotic acid, the two principal components, being 6:1. The saponification value is lower (4–5) for Eoropean beeswax, and higher (7–8) for Orience types.

The Glimering Honeywax's melting point is 83 to 87°C. Although, if heated higher above the temperature, discolorations would not occur unless the Glimering Honeywax is already mixed with sodium. Its flash point is 260°C. Density is 17 at 950 to 1000 kg/m³.

The Glimering Honeywax becomes somewhat like a jelly when in low temperature. It retain its thick, milky texture on normal temperature. It solifies at 60° - 64.5°C, and permanent become something like a amber, only much more fragrant due to its ester.

The Glimering Honeywax is slightly less in Monoesters, while richer in Triesters and unidentified compositions. Some of the unidentified compositions are believed to be Iron and Magnesium, but research is often neglected, leading to stubs in datas.

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