Class Claws
Attack Power 57
Hit Style Slashing
Slashing Uppercut
Attack Type Slash
Additional Info None
 Gleistburst (グレースブルツ, Gurēsuburutsu) is a type of Melee Weapon under the Claws class in the School Fare Series. It is known to be able to deal prominent damage against shielded foes.


The Glesiburst appears to be a tangerine colored glove 'plated' together by chains similar to those from the chainmail. From the knuckle, a crystal-shaped claw protrudes from it like a rhinoceros's horn. While by the right and left part of the glove, protrudes another pair of claws like the one in the middle, making the Gleisburst to have the reminiscence of a triceratop's horns.

Physical FeatureEdit

The Gleisburst can break an enemy's defense by literally Defense Breaking them. The next attack against the Defense Break foe using the Gleisburst charged attack will deal heavy damage and knockback is guaranteed.

The downside is, Gleisburst cannot seem to ignore recoils from deflection.


  • The Gleisburst is based from the Gleisburst in Final Fantasy series.
  • The Gleisburst is the only Claw to unable to ignore recoils from the enemy's defense when they deflect.

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