Freya's Coil
Type Restorative Item
Potency 200
Uses Dispel all buffs and debuffs

Revive fallen character
Revived used cards

Combinable? No
Additional Info None
 Freya's Coil or Freyja's Wreath is a type of restorative item. It is an extremely rare item that is capable of giving multiple effects, depending on the target it is used. Despite that it can also be used offensively, it is classified primarily as a Restorative Item.


The Freya's Coil appears to be a coil of wreaths all over a pink divine rose. To use the coil however, the rose must be eaten by the frail for the coil to use its magick.

Special FeaturesEdit

Team PartyEdit

Freya's Coil removes all debuffs and replaces them with their opposites.

Normal FoesEdit

Freya's Coil steal all possible Gil from the target as well as well as stealing the possible items and loots that they possesses. The effect is similar to Mug and Steal.


Freya's Coil inflicts all debuffs that the Boss unit isn't immune to and deals damage based on the user's Level and 10% of the Boss's HP.


The uncommon way to obtain Freya's Coil is to steal or have it drop from a Salkyrlia.

The other way is to combine Freya's Bloom and Brisingamen. Those two item can be obtain uncommonly from Valkyrlia and either Hnosse or Gersemi respectively.


  • This item was based on the nature of the Norse goddess Freya. She is said to be the goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, magick, war, and death.

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