Foraging the the field feature which enable the characters to forage from naturally edible or medicinal sources. it should not be confused with the 'Collecting'.

Description Edit

Edibles sources are usually plant-based. Their effectiveness vary on different character's individual taste and palate levels. Most edible sources solely restores HP, some of them restore HP to all characters. Some of them are very rare to have the ingenuity to restore HP and heal debuffs.

Not all medicinal resources are usable, some of them would not give any clear effect. Some medicinal resources may heal debuffs, and some of the rare ones may increases the eater's Stat.

Primary UseEdit

By checking or examining certain spots with edible or usable natural resources.... For example, if a character examines a Curarse Tree.... they may choose either to eat/use/take the fruit, flowers or other usable parts of the plant.

Note that, the Foraging system is useless for characters(hence player) who did not research about medicinal or herbal properties from nature. So, in order to forage, one must study the plant's uses via books, lores or other resourceful information.


  • Foraging feature is based from the foraging system in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

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