Final Fantasy Type-0(Zero) is one of the spin-off series and a part of the Final Fantasy series. Like Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV, it is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. The game is by right owned by Square Enix(during that time it was called as Square Soft). Zahasuki Harikuni liked Tetsuya Nomura's(graphic designer and director of several Final Fantasy series) ideas of the main characters being a student in a school that trains them in combat and magic. Similar to FInal Fantasy VIII, it has similar theme and under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura.

The ideas in Final Fantasy Type-0 is the most influential by for the School Fare project(in Zahasuki's thoughts). Although not literally showing the school uniforms, but students in School Fare series has their own 'Order Uniform', similar to the 'Cadet Uniform' in Final Fantasy Type-0. Other features like gameplay elements and mechanics is heavily inspired for School Fare.

Inspiring ElementsEdit

There are few very inspiring features in Final Fantasy Type-0 that made Zahasuki very intrigued of implementing them in School Fare. Some are quite obvious, while others are rather 'shadow of their facade'.


In School Fare, the Academies uses specific Classes for the division of students. Each class have their own Guide, similar to he MOOGLES or 'MOG', abbreviatively. Although not like all the playable characters of Type-0 being in the same class, not all the characters of School Fare are too. Similar to every class having a captain, each class have the same teacher, referred as 'instructors'.

Break Sight as Move BreakEdit

Similar to the 'Break Sight' battle feature, characters are able to deal high damage, while also interrupting an enemy's action as well as having a higher chance of inflicting Down on them. If the enemy cannot be or was not Downed, they will be Staggered instead.

Kill Sight as Iai BreakEdit

Similar to the 'Kill Sight' battle feature, characters are able to kill a standard enemy with one blow. Although, it has different chance for each enemy, and the character's Dexterity or Agility does not affect Iai Break at all. Different from Move Break, Iai Break can only be executed if the enemy is performing a specific action. Also, Iai Break can only be used if the enemy's HP is 30% or lower.

Abilities upgradesEdit

Similar to how characters may learn new abilities or upgrades in Type-0, in School Fare, similar mechanics is found in the Metamemory Core. Although similar in the basics, the nodes can be disabled to regain back LP instead.

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