Class Whips
Attack Power 12
Hit Style Slamming
Attack Type Strike
Additional Info Amazon-elemental damage

Inflicts 20% chance of Knockback on hit

Fernroll (シダロール, Shidarōru) is a type of Extendable Weapon under the Whip class in the School Fare Series. It is known to be the only Whip that has a different Slamming technique than the other Whips.


The whip itself has the appearance of a very long fern stalk.

Physical FeatureEdit

Fernroll's Slamming style is different from the rest of the Whips that use Slamming as their Hit Style. The Slamming style is where the user will hold the hilt of Fernroll with their dominant hand while the other hand wrap the whip loose and hold it away like pulling a slingshot.

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