The Fellyne is a race that consists of anthropomorphic felines, thus including cats, jaguars, cheetas, leopard, tigers and even lions. The Fellyne race is one of the most advanced races, excluding humans and Alter-humans.


The Fellyne is generally a race of anthropomorphic cats. Non of them have much humanoid features, but they are able to stand with evolved hind legs. They have excellent intelligence, and a majority of them becomes wandering monks when they aged until 40 years old(human years). Many are also, however prefers being agriculturist, farming, herding. While others prefers hunting, foraging and fishing. Fellynes' villages are generally small, does not have many houses, because they made one 'Grand Treehouse' one a tree(hence the name).

Fellynes are hostile towards Canideas, a group of partially anthropomorphic canines(excluding the Vulpine family). Fellynes are generally smaller in size, but they cannot get fatter. Instead, they increases in size. The largest Fellyne ever recorded was Hongku, a Fellyne that is 5'6" in height. His waist was about size 34.

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