Faerie Harp
Class Chordophones


Attack Power 3
Hit Style Strumming


Attack Type Sonic Bubbles (Strumming)

Sonic Shears (Plucking)

Additional Info Increases all nearby Allies' Focus by 5-15% for 5 seconds each time Played. All allies receive different alteration of Focus when Played
 The Faerie Harp (妖精のハープ, Yōsei no hāpu) or Fairy Harp(American version) is a type of Musical Weapon under the Musical Instruments, Chordophone class in the School Fare series. It is popular for its 'spritely' tune and intricate design.

Unique FeaturesEdit

The Faerie Harp has three different Combat Play modes, Crescendo, Staccato and Calmando.

Unlike other Harps, it only has one Support Play mode, the Piano.

Like most harps, it has a light tune, although its has staccato notes and mostly trebled keys.

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