The Exorcise (清める, Kiyomeru) is in fact, an ability effect which can deal massive damage to enemies which able to undergo the Undying effect and immediately destroying the state.


The Exorcise effect can be performed by series of abilities and even weapons. All of them deal damage, but their greatest advantage is to instantly destroy any foes which can undergo the the Undying state.


When an Undead or any character under the Zombie status is KO'd, they will engage into the Undying state. Note that neither the Undead or Zombiefied may assume the Soulified or the Mistified state(except for certain Ghost-genus enemies). The Undying state let their body be on the ground completely invulnerable, protected by a dark essence.

The Exorcism effect, have a higher chance to instantaneously destroy any enemy with is under the Undead category. For Zombiefied characters, the chance is slightly lower, but will restore their HP and the Zombie status from them without dealing damage.

Exorcism effects cannot affect enemies which are not within the category described. So, it is either very useful or highly exclusive in uses.

Note that any targets which can be exorcised can alway be destroyed instantaneously without having them undergo theUndying effect. 


  • The Exorcism effect is based from the Exorcise and Burial ability which destroy Undead enemies in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
    • Although, the effect is changed to chance into probability and additional features. 

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