Executioneer's Whip
Class Whips
Attack Power 19
Hit Style Whipping
Attack Type Strike
Additional Info Has 50% chance of inflicting Downed on the last combo hit
Executioneer's Whip (刑吏のホイップ, Keiri no hoippu, lit "Whip of the Executioner) is a type of Extendable Weapon under the Whip class in the School Fare Series. It is spelled as "Executioner's Whip" in the American version. It is known to be the only weapon in the game that has the highest Downed status chance.


Unique Features Edit

The Executioneer's Whip has a unique whipcrack sound, in which is sounds more like a thud sound caused by a rock hitting a steel instead of an exploding sound.

Trivia Edit

  • Bregetta calls the Executioneer's Whip as the 'Bondage Whip' during her demonstration of the weapon during the Whip tutorial in School Fare: The Bang.

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