School Fare Series Monsters
エルナボ (Erunabo)
Rank E
Type Attribute
Beast Melee
Class Property
Insect None
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Wind Earth Dark Holy
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Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
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The Elnabo is an Insect/Hymago-type enemy in the School Fare series. It is not a threat, and is docile until attacked. All Elnabos is completely docile until one of them is attacked. The Mission III:X will engage an event which all of the Elnabos are swarming around their hive, together with their Queen, Kravolna guarding their Glimering Honeywax.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Elnabo's appearance is of a typical worker bee. Their abdomen is however, very wide and instead of yellow stripes, it have white stripes. Elnabo's hind legs is particularly two times longer than its other legs.

Page 2: ObservationEdit

"Elnabos are a protective bunch. They are quite docile, but become extremists when their hive or Queen is disturbed. Elnabos always fly with a partner, or more commonly seen in a group of three or four just like a party. Studies have shown that an Elnabo may develop language skills when held in captive, although highly believed by researchers, an Elnabo will die sooner in captive due to their susceptibility to 'human breath'.."


Elnabos often emerges from their hives. A lone, scout Elnabo may come out from a tree if prompted.

  • Kravolna Hive (High)
  • Large Tree (Low)


Elnabo means "turnip" in Spanish. Elnabo's abdomen is wide like a turnip, their white stripe is also as white as a turnip, dusty and somewhat smudged with dirt.

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