School Fare Protagonist
Ellina "Ellie" Caitsbell Waynright
Kana エリ
Rōmaji Eri
Sprites Ellie BattleSprite
Age 14+
Address Undefined
Team Undefined
Weapon Knives (Decurve)

Dagger (Shaker)

Attribute Undefined
Last Resort Critical Impossibilities
Original Appearance The Last of Us (Ellie)
Class Struggler
English voice actor(s) Ashley Johnson

Ellen Page Mandy Moore

"I'm not alone. But I'll always believe that doing things ourselves is more honorable than being helpless."

—Ellie's quote on Self-Dependence

Ellie Waynright or by the full name of Ellina Caitsbell Waynright is one of the protagonists in the School Fare series. She is well known to be the first youngest female Struggler in Azure High. She can be recruited even at the start of the optional Missions.

Statistics Edit

Ellie's stat growth mainly focuses on her Strength, Vitality and Resilience. Although her skills and abilities have low power, she makes them up with strong normal attacks. Her high Vitality helps her to survive attacks greatly, even magick attacks. Her excellent Resilience is great especially if she is to always provide healing support. Her other stats have average growth, except for her Evasion and Dexterity, which are poor.

Attributes Edit

Ellie is a Segue Melee-Ranged unit, she can switch between attributes depending on her current weapon equipped. The catch is, due to her poor Dexterity growth, she may not switch between attributes as fast as others.

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