School Fare Series Monsters
ドラゴラ (Doragora)
Rank D-
Type Attribute
Docile Melee-Ranged
Class Property
Plant Amazon
Genus Element
Solaniece Amazon/Earth
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SP Reach
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Latency Movement Speed
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Strength Magic
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Vitality Speed
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Dexterity Evade
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Resilience% EXP
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CP Gil
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Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
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Wind Earth Dark Holy
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Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
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Dimension Blood Weather Aether
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Sound Atomic Celestial Temporal
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 The Dragora is a Plant/Solaniece-type enemy in the School Fare series. It is not a threat, and is docile until attacked. It is located randomly around the indigenoues area, but mostly to appear after rains. Like all Solaniece, Dragora have Retaliation, Cleanser and Parry, with the additional Suction ability which greatly improve their Drain ability.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Dragora are literally a mandragora with a lush formation of beautiful snapdragon flowers on top. It's appearance are however, far more acceptable than the other Solaniece genus. While they have no mouth, they use their snapdragon head to use their special attacks while their roots to hop around, not much of walking like the others.

Page 2: ObservationEdit

"The Dragoras are noxious beings, but incapable of releasing their toxin for any reason unless killed. Many humans tried to eat them, when eaten, they will die instanteneously. Dragora uses their snapdragon head to do almost anything, sensing, eating, breathing, and even socializing. Over time, they will merge with a large tree. Then, becomes a mutual relationship. The Dragora gets to live as long as the tree, and in returns, they destroy any pesky termites or bugs that crawl onto the tree."


Like all other Solaniece, Dragoras hide themselves under either a pile or leaves or muddy soil.

  • Suspicious Mud (Low)
  • Weird Weed (Average)
  • Cracked ground (Average)
  • Secret* Bushes (Average)

Like other secret spots, Secret Bushes may appear randomly


  • Dragora's name is made up from Snapdragon's and Mandragora's name. Which both are unranked AngiospermsEudicots and Asterids classification.


  • Dragora is mostly a breed of a mandragora, but it cross-pollinate with a snapdragon flower.

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