The Delusional (妄想の, Mōsō no) is a type of problematic debuff most notably to makes the unit to be more susceptible to other debuffs and their loss for differentiating their allies nor foes.

The effect only affects opposing party.

Delusional would makes the unit to be unable to classify any sides. The units regardless of allies nor foes, each units will changes appearance blurr after blurr and makes the unit(including the player) to not be able to identify them at all.

The effect is rather different than Confuse, since attacking the Delusional unit would not removes the effect. 

Also, since there is no classification of sides, changing party leader is disable for the character(player's condition or automatic condition).


  • Despite being called as 'delusional', the effect may actually be derived from hallucinated and simply 'demented'.

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