The Dark Devourer is a ancient figure that has existed ever since the Primordial Gods. The Dark Devourer is not at all physical, some scholars even regard it as a being of between existence and extinction. The Dark Devourer is considered a Rogue God due to his gluttonous, insatiable appetite to devour Worl too early, going against the wish of Masa. He original name was "Bolos" the God of The End, responsible for the Worl's Last Day of Worl. The Dark Devourer was defeated by Saudade Triste, the messiah that saved Worl from the Too Early End.


'Bolos' is the Georgian word for 'end'(ბოლოს), pretty much giving the Dark Devourer's original name being the God that is responsible for the Last Day of Worl.

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