Daring One is one of the Soundtracks in School Fare series. It was written by Allan Zhayn.


My mother said that I'm always to forward

While my father said that

"It's good cuz I won't be a coward"

I'm spunky and I know it

That's why I'm never admitting defeat

I remembered, I was dared to make out

With you while sleeping in our summer camp out

I couldn't do it

I would rather be ashamed and forfeit

They laughed at me saying that I got no chance

With you, but all their shitty pretense

Is just sickening

While it makes you something to be forgetting

Now, I see you haven't that much

Although you always look good and also smart

I think that

I'm really falling for you

You look like someone's awesome

I really want the two us

To be an item

I'd like

To see that day come

One day I just stood by

Reading a book surrounded by butterflies

It caught your silly attention

I got you now it is time for action

I am trying to ask you out

Would you like for us to go out

Chill out or just hang out

You nodded

And my heart just throbbed

The thrill that I am felling

Oh my god my mind's really exploding

Now we are officially

GF and B-B-BF

Your blues eyes are real cute

While your chin are manly with the cleft

You said you liked a daring girl, asking you was good call

You just said that you were shy

I want us to be young even until we're old

Even all teeth are replaced with gold

I would always

Be your daring one

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