Damages have different types. Different kinds of damages also contributed to different battles styles. Varying on the type of damage, the tide of battle may be heavily affected, especially with one-on-one quarter combat. Damage Types are usually followed up with Damage Attributes, the nature or element of the damage.

If the type of damage is nullified by the target, the Damage Attribute contributes minimally in the damage. The most they may deal is about 10% of how the Damage Type would.

Damage Types List Edit

Slash Edit

One of the most common type. Slashing damage is followed up with weapons that having sharp edges. True to its name, Slashing damage deals more damage when executed with slashing actions.

Weapons that deals Slashing damages are for example, Swords, Claws, Katars, Knives, Axes and Katanas.

Strike Edit

A less common type. Striking damage is followed up with most bludgeoning weapons. They are sometimes confused with Crushing damage, which is much more potent and violent. Unarmed attacks are considered have Striking damage.

Weapons that deals Striking damages are for example, Gloves and Hammers.

Crush Edit

Almost similar with Strike damage, but much more powerful. Crushing damage is followed up with weapons having highly durable tip, like hammers and mauls. They are designed to inflict heavy damage with the cost of more stamina. Crushing damage also does area-of-effect damage when struck on hard surfaces. Crushing damage have significantly higher chance of breaking a foe's Breakable parts.

Struck Edit

A subset of Strike damage and Pierce damage. Struck damage is followed up with ammunition such as Arrows, Bolts and Bullets. Larger ammunition are not considered Struck.

Pierce Edit

One of the most common type. Piercing damage is followed up with weapons having sharp tips like Spears and Rapiers. Even if the weapon is used in slashing action, the damage dealt is still considered as Piercing damage. True to its name, Piercing damage deals more damage when executed with stabbing actions.

Blast Edit

More common in spells. Blasting damage is followed up with weapons that fires off exploding rounds and most variety of spells. All Blasting damage deal area-of-effect damage, making it effect in dealing with crowds. Blasting damage always cause nearby allies caught in the blast to be blown away, or at least flinched.

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