A Crossbow is a Ranged Weapon in which are highly useful for their speed and their expert functionality when used to ambush or attacking very fast moving targets. Crossbows have two other weapons similar to it, Repeating Crossbow and Crossgun.


Crossbow's bolts have the second highest projectile velocity that reaches up to 400ft or 240m per second, only to be beaten by guns by a few feet.

Crossbow's attack power is calculated based solely on it's base Attack Power and Bolts's Attack Power. The damage goes against the target's Defense but ignores 1/3 of the target's Vitality. Crossbow's Bolts cannot be deflected, but can be parried and blocked. Bolts cannot homes on any targets because of its high velocity.

Dmg = (Atk * Foc - Def) * (1 + Atk * [Lv+BoltAtk]/243) * Def
Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Racket 7 50

Star projectiles

Crooked Racket 8 65

'Dust' projectiles

Novae-elemental damage

Slapper 10 5% Confuse on hit 65

Star projectiles

Celestial-elemental damage

Big Handle 11 75

Flare projectiles

Fire-elemental damage

Scrapper 13 80

Star-Orb projectiles

Increase Spatial, Dimensional and Temporal-elemental damage dealt by 20% on equip

Giant Spoon 15 Lower the target's Resilience 90

Star projectiles

Holy-elemental damage

Decurver 18 Lower the target's Dexterity 95

Feathery-tornado projectiles

Wind-elemental damage

Deals 20% additional damage against Flying units 

Titan's Paddle 22 20% Stagger on hit 100 

'Dust' projectiles

Deals full damage against Melee units

Hyper Smasher 25

55% Flinch on hit

(80% on Blood and Aether-type enemies)


Orb-ghastly projectiles

Aether-elemental damage

Guarantees Drop when used to kill a Blood-type enemy

Pitch-Catch 26
Solace 30
Clapper 32


Charge-Wands are generally the strongest Wand-type there is. They does not release any energy when swung. The must be charged so that the energy can be emitted. Upon stopping on the charge-up, the energy will be shoot. The velocity and power of the energy is greater based on how long the charge-up is. Charge-Wands homing capability is based on how great the projectile's velocity is. The greater the velocity, the weaker would its homing capability would be.

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