Confluence is a Primary Augment that is located in the Metamemory Axis.


Confluence increases the character's initial Synch with all allies with each upgrades. Its coordinate is in the Metamemory Axis.

Views and Perspectives Edit

Confluence, or its root word 'conflux' basically refers to the meeting of two or more bodies of water. Although in literature, the term may and sometimes used in reference to the 'sea of souls'. The seal of souls is a mental aspect of a person's mind, and usually when something great has transpired from a person. Although it is rather vague, it can be described as being the infinite ocean that secretly holds our greatness. When a certain something emerges from the sea of souls, it shapes the person's character, whilst also their persona.

The meeting or confluence of multiple sea of souls(which is with others) allows for understanding. If put into thoughts, the meeting of two sea of souls will results in a much greater numbers of greatness between the two person. In the game's mechanic, it allow for the minds of the people to synchronize, allowing for mental coordination, just as how people view twins as psychic with one another.

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