Claws are Melee Weapons that can be equipped on both hands. Claws does not comes in pairs, unlike Gloves and Knuckles.



  • One-Handed, Single-Edged Melee weapon that their average length are as long as Daggers. The second Claw can be equipped on the other hand. Equipping Claws in both hands disables use of protectives such as Shields and Bucklers.
  • generally have average-high Attack Power, good Reach, average-fast Latency and cost fair Stamina to swing.
  • fast Parry and low-average Block Area.
  • low-average Impact, low-average Recoil and great Recoil Recovery.
  • deals only Slash damage, despite also having stabbing animations.
  • Claws have with the highest lowest critical hit ratio (22% chance) IF equipped in pairs.
  • attack power is determined by the user's Unarmed Attack and Agility against the target's Vitality.

Dmg = (Atk * Foc - Def) * (1 + UAtk * [Lv+Dex]/219) * (Def * CEva)

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Iron Claws 16 50
Fury Cuffs 20 10% Stagger on hit 50 Increases 15% Focus when receiving critical damage or heavy damage
Leopard Fangs 21 55 Increases 10% Focus on equip

Rising Sun

24 55

Increases 10% Evade on equip

Kaiser Claws 26 70 Water-elemental damage
Tiger Fangs 29 10% Flashed on hit 70 Increases 10% Strength on equip
Limit Shredder 34 75

Randomly increases Base on equip

Aether-elemental damage

Homicide 35 80

Increases 10% Attack on equip

Increases another additional 10% Attack when HP is <50%

Scythe Crook 37 15% Flashed on hit 90
Survivor 39 10% Flinch on hit 100
Godhand 40 100  Decreases Synch, but increases Attack by 15% on equip
Gleisburst 45 10% Downed on hit 120

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