Chimera Tail
Class Whips
Attack Power 23
Hit Style Slamming
Attack Type Strike
Additional Info Inflicts 30% chance of Venom on hit
Chimera Tail (キメラのしっぽ, Kimera no shippo, lit "Tail of the Chimera") is a type of Extendable Weapon under the Whip class in the School Fare Series.


Physical FeatureEdit

Sentient ModeEdit

During Sentient Mode, if the user is currently equipping the Chimera Tail when transforming, the Chimera Tail will transform as well. It will change appearance and became the Ouroboros.

The Ouroboros will stay and follow the original user until it dies. The Chimera Tail is lost, but the materials to make it will be available in the player's possession.

Note that the Ouroboros can also follow the user into towns. But will be in a constant Invisibility status and cannot be interacted unless the user exits the town or engage in Combat Mode.

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