School Fare Series Monsters
チェロ (Cero)
Rank C
Type Attribute
Docile Ranged
Class Property
Humanoid Sound/Amazon
Genus Element
Demi-Human Sound/Amazon
7554 386
SP Reach
279/??? C-
Latency Movement Speed
C-/B+ C+
Strength Magic
20/37 40/27
Defense Resistance
24/23 30/31
Vitality Speed
28/36 20/30
Attack Dodge%
15/27 40%%
Dexterity Evade
39 37%%
Resilience% EXP
50%% 2380/+1703
CP Gil
25 100-500
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Weak 40% - Weak 10% Resist 20%
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Misses - - -
Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
Weak 30% Weak 20% Immune -
Dimension Blood Weather Aether
- - Resist 20% -
Sound Atomic Celestial Temporal
Misses - - -
Bestiary Location Horday Sanctum
Location Horday Sanctum (Melodious Room)

Lazuline Theatre (The Stage)

Common Steal Ivy Leaves
Uncommon Steal Carnivorous Petals
Rare Steal Dragonwood
Common Drop Ivy Leaves, Torn Linen
Uncommon Drop Carnivorous Petals, Fell Pollen
Rare Drop Dragonwood
Very Rare Drop Dragora Cello
Card Drop Cellowe, Demi-Human Order
Common Poach Ivy Leaves, Carnivorous Petals, Fell Pollen
Rare Poach Dragonwood, Mystic Scilla
Attacks Terror Tone, Sicking Tempo, Shriek, Bite, Smash, Dark Pollen
Abilities Vibrato, Soundbarrier, Hyper Voice, Mega Screech, Power Howl, Poison Mist, Venom Breath, Constriction, Whip
Innate Abilities Unaware, Adrenaline, Berserk Mode, Clairvoyance, Vibrato, Astra Powers, Counter, Deceiver, Frisk, Mobility Hold, Piercing Magick, Retaliation, Spellbreaker, Tormentor,
Immune to Blind, Audiosonic, Poison, Miasma, Stagger, Flinch, Gravitize, Disable, Slow, Soaked, Agitated
Other Information Killing the person will instantaneously kill both of them, but only receive his EXP

 The Cellowe is a Humanoid/Demi-Human-type enemy in the School Fare series. They are docile, but the would constantly attack using their musical attack. It is only located on several locations, commonly at the Lazuline Theatre and the Horday Sanctum. Cellowe have the Unaware, Deceiver and Adrenaline abilities which allows them to be veru resilient in battles. The first meeting with the Cellowe will have an event when a girl is standing in front of the Cellowe and 'appreciating' it's music. The girl whispered "" in fear even though she is very focused to the foul tone.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

The Cellowe took form as an ordinary human wearing some typical ochestral outfits. His eyes are particularly closed, with some dark spots over it, like bruises. The cello, seems to be 'rooted' to his hands. The cello is covered with vines and ivys. Sometimes, a ferocious carnivorous flower emerges from the hole at the tip of the neck.

Page 2: ObservationEdit

"The Cellowe constantly plays the cello everywhere he moves. Frequently, the Cellowe looks very fatigued to play it, but his hands keeps bowing the cello. When another person approaches the Cellowe without trying to appreciate the foul tone, a ferocious carnivorous flower would emerges from the cello and eat the person's ears."

Page 3: OriginEdit

"When a left out cellist is shun from an ochestra, he'll start playing the cello harder and violently asynch with their emotion. The tune was so horrible that it turned them deft of their own music. The sadness and the void felt by the cellist starts to manifests into the instrument. The instrument is later merged together with their hands that it even forces them to play it."


Cellowe will spawn asynch with their indication via their musical medium:

  • Aura Magickal Note (Average)
  • Aura Magickal Note (Average-High) (When a character equips a stringed instrument)

Cellowe can also be summoned using the special "Composer" command via a stringed-instrument weapon.

They only reacts to Beethoven masterpiece:

  • Anywhere during the day


Cellowe's name is based solely from the chordophone instrument, cello.


  • Cellowe is actually based from the Violy monster in Ragnarok Online. According to Zahasuki Harikuni, Violy is a doll-like demi-human playing a violin.

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