School Fare Series Monsters
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Rank C+
Type Attribute
Unpredictable Melee
Class Property
Undead Blood / Atomic
Genus Element
Failured Dark / Blood
Random Random
SP Reach
Random B
Latency Movement Speed
D+ C-
Strength Magic
Random Random
Defense Resistance
Random Random
Vitality Speed
Random Random
Attack Dodge%
40 30%%
Dexterity Evade
52 70%%
Resilience% EXP
90%% 1198
CP Gil
40 0-5
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Weak 25% Weak 25% Immune Immune
Wind Earth Dark Holy
- Weak 40% Resist 80% Weak 150%
Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
Weak 120% Weak 70% Nullify Weak 50%
Dimension Blood Weather Aether
Weak 90% Absorb 250% Nullify Immune
Sound Atomic Celestial Temporal
Immune Resist 50% Resist 15% Weak 100%
Bestiary Location Nanchez Horspital
Location Nanchez Horspital (Everywhere)
Common Steal None
Uncommon Steal None
Rare Steal Rose Blood
Common Drop None
Uncommon Drop None
Rare Drop Rose Blood
Very Rare Drop Dark Blood
Card Drop Caul, Failured Order
Common Poach Blighted Carrion
Rare Poach Rose Blood
Attacks Sucker, Denture Crunch
Abilities Bloody Mary, Life Sucker, Blood Syphon, Body Slam
Innate Abilities Random
Immune to Random
Other Information Will be more prone to attack females instead of males

 The Caul is a Undead/Failured-type enemy in the School Fare series. They are highly unpredictable in terms of aggressiveness. It is only located only in one location, the Nanchez Horspital. Unlike most of the Undeads, cannot attain the Undying state, but have random collection of innate abilities. The first meeting with the Caul will have an event when they were rolling around creepily while a horrible pain scream can be heard.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

This monster take form of a gelatinous and highly viscous substances. They have no disntinctive feature except for their bleeding trait.

Page 2: ObservationEdit

"The horrible after-creation from a failed clonning process. This creature wreak havoc and bring misfortune to all woma everywhere they salved their bleeding body. This creature also favors themselves by creating horrible nightmares onto children whenever one is near them."


The Caul exists and spawn exclusively in one area only. They may be summoned by the horrible 4 Star Mark monster, the Quen Nach:

  • All around Nanchez Horspital (High)


  • The Caul is based from the Latin term for the membrane which covers an infant's face and head upon birth.
    • It literally means "helmeted head".
  • In most beliefs' and racial lores, a thrown out caul is the vital cause of the child's misfortunes and nasty behaviour in their lives. It also signifies the atrocity of the parents for not properly disposing it.

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