Cable Wiyr
Class Whips
Attack Power 5
Hit Style Lashing
Attack Type Strike
Additional Info None
Cable Wiyr (ケーブルワイヤー, Kēburuwaiyā) is a type of Extendable Weapon under the Whip class in the School Fare Series.


The Cable Wiyr looks like a electric cable commonly found on any streets. It's grip is made from silicon rubber, wrapped by vulcanized rubber as well.

Physical FeatureEdit

The Cable Wiyr has a 3% factor of dealing additional Lightning-elemental damage with each hits. The maximum factor is 15%, so dealing 5 hits would be enough to charge the whip. Although, each factor only lasts 1 second, so attacking consecutively while holding it with a charge.

Simply performing a charge attack with Cable Wiyr will have a 8% factor of each 3% accumulation. Making the total chance for inflicting the additional Lightning damage is 8% minimum to 40% maximum chance. The Lightning damage critical chance is halved of the total Lightning damage chance, making it of 4% minimum to 20% maximum chance. For example:

If the wearer has dealt 5 consecutive hits and the Lightning damage factor is 15%, the Lightning damage Charge Attack chance will be 40%. So, the charged attack has a 40% chance to inflict the additional Lightning damage plus the Cable Wiyr's initial damage. There is still the 20% chance of the Lightning damage to be a critical hit.

Note that Cable Wiyr Lightning damage bonus factor, hit chance and critical chance does not stack with other factors.

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