School Fare Protagonist
Blake Belladonna
Kana ブレーク.ベラドンナ
Rōmaji Burēku Beradon'na
Sprites Undefined
Age 17
Address Undefined
Team RWBY (Team)
Weapon Gambol Shroud
Attribute Blood (Element)
Last Resort Undefined
Original Appearance RWBY (Blake Belladonna)
Class Whiplash



English voice actor(s) Undefined
"Even if you're a wanted criminal, don't ever think that you can follow the right path after."

—Blake Belladonna's quote about Repentance

Blake Belladonna is a Guest character in School Fare series. She is a student from Beacon, and wields the Gambol Shroud, a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe. Along with several other characters originally from RWBY, she is part of the Beacon-Azure exchange programme.

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