Blades are One-Handed Melee Weapons under the Single-Edged category.


Blades are practically similar to Shortswords, instead it only have a single edge. When parrying with Blades, it allows for a more painful counterattack. All blades are more proficient during slashing strikes, same goes with Greatswords.

Like the Shortsword, Blades are one of the most basic weapons.

Features Edit

Blades are technically carbon copies of Shortswords, similar in all basic aspects except the single edge. Differing only slightly from Shortswords, Blades are more proficient in slashing rather than stabbing. All Blades have a 'tanto-point' shape which allows for better Slashing rather than Stabbing. Blades are the smaller, one-handed version of the Greatsword.

Blades also deals slightly more damage than Shortswords during Slashing counterattacks, but slightly harder to Parry with them.

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